About VSI

Founded in 2014 by Phil Magney, VSI is the leading research and advisory firm that tracks the building blocks of automated vehicles.

VSI has mapped the entire eco-system for autonomous solutions. Our team of experts has researched hundreds of companies, thousands of products, and the latest thought leadership from academia & research institutions. We offer this research through the Autonomous Solutions Portal, which provides a continuous perspective on companies, technologies, and their solutions, along with vast resources for examining any technology issue and the companies that compete in that space. 

The VSI methodology for examining the AV eco-system is based on a framework that allows for a logical way to identify the enabling technologies.  Companies, products and IP are identified in terms what they do and why they are important. Furthermore, VSI decomposes the content of most leading autonomous vehicle platforms allowing you to examine thecomposition of hardware and software components used in leading AV platform.